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Create Next Generation AR/VR/XR Products

BroadAR is an award-winning

XR Studio based in San Francisco

We design and develop immersive experiences to solve business and industry problems.

From a simple vision of your solution, we will take it to the next level. Our studio will bring your concept to life, providing you and your customer one of the best mixed reality experiences.

AR Cloud

  • Assit you to buid your app backend to automatically convert and compress 3D data.

  • Deliver assets and data across AR/VR devices.

VR Solutions

  • 360 activations

  • Custom VR simulations

  • Interactive VR games

  • VR Museums

AR Solutions

  • Custom Mobile App

  • Social Media AR

  • Web AR

  • Big Screen AR

Other XR Solutions

  • Projection mapping

  • Interactive installations

About BroadAR Studio

BroadAR, Inc. is a XR Studio based in San Francisco. The studio was founded by Kathy Wang and Chloe Li in 2017, focusing on creating revolutionary solutions to common problems the world faces today. Kathy's vision and passion for helping others inspired the award-winning AR project, Boost Board, dedicated to helping children in hospitals connect with their peers and the outside world through the world of augmented reality. A four-time winner of the MIT AR/VR hackathon, Kathy Wang and her teammates add a new award to their portfolio upon receiving first prize at the 5G Transatlantic Lab 2021 Hack the Hospital Hackathon, hosted by Garage Stories.

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Are You Ready to Build your Next-generation AR/VR App?

Every new day is an opportunity to grow. Build wih us! Will it be ideation, consulting or development - everything starts with a letter. Let's get started.

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